Book Review: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

Léelo en español.

Takashi Hiraide´s novel “The Guest Cat” (Neko no Kyaku) is a simple, deep, and easy-to-read novel that is excellent for relaxing from the stresses of the day.

The title of the book and the brief review on the back cover disclose the novel´s topic and narrative. However, the beauty of its words is still hidden within, just waiting to be found!

It is perfect for carrying around with you at all times because each chapter is only a few pages long and can be read in minutes. Whether to read before bed or in the subway, the book offers a getaway from daily stress and transports the reader into fugacious introspections.

Its brevity simply adds to the novel´s worth. Reading it is like watching ivy scale a wall. At first glance, there is not much to observe, but when looked at closely, everything that has been exquisitely constructed without explicit purpose becomes apparent.

There are several lovely ideas in “The Guest Cat” that prompt the reader to stop reading and give them some thought. It encourages introspection and recollection.

The author´s writing style enables a visual representation of the development of beautiful relationships. They are not sought; rather, they are discovered.

“The Guest Cat” celebrates the extraordinary nature of everyday events.


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