Va por México. A coalition that was born dead.

Leélo en español.

The Mexican Political Opposition, Va por México, is a temporary electoral coalition of the PAN, PRI, and PRD political parties. Its members claim the alliance is successful and that they were right to form it. They have even predicted to win the 2024 Presidential Election.

There is reasonable doubt that that is true.

They do not have an official website, a verified Twitter or Instagram account (at least not one that is easily accessible), or unified communication channels. With those kinds of omissions, it is difficult to find out what their ideas, proposals, strategies, or candidates are.

They are missing the chance to present themselves as something revitalized, fresh, and with a little more push. In the citizens’ eyes, they are not Va por México but PAN, PRI, and PRD, supposedly working together for the sole purpose of obstructing MORENA and the Lopez Obrador Administration.

The worst of Va por México, however, is not the shortage of renewed voices, the absence of a charismatic leader, or even the lack of a coordinated communication plan. No, their political platform is the worse since it demonstrates they do not have shared substantial goals or doctrine. Asking for a project would be too much to ask for.

Their Platform is an 8-page document devoid of any concrete proposals. As if it were an academic dissertation on democracy, the language is formal and sophisticated. A pamphlet containing no valuable information for voters. It is filled with broad generalizations like “to promote a federalist regional development that guarantees economic… growth.” The Platform never addresses the hows and whats.

With these contenders for the 2024 elections, President Lopez Obrador’s leftist ideology will likely continue to rule Mexico for another six years.


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