There is a meaning behind every name.

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I enjoy attempting to understand things and their causes, and trying to figure out what they mean. The origin and meaning of names (onomastics), whether for people (anthroponymy) or places (toponymy), are not an exception.

I´m curious about why a town, region, or country is named the way it is, what the words that make it up mean, and where they come from. A place´s name can reveal a lot about it, including its geography, history, idiosyncrasy, ideology, and inhabitants.

Words hold many mysteries waiting to be discovered. Neither we nor our predecessors used them casually. What purpose do they serve?

Equally wonderful is learning the meaning of a person´s name. In my opinion, names really do matter a lot. An example will help to illustrate my reasons for doing so.

Every time you think of someone in particular, let´s say a friend, you call him or her by name. By doing so, you see that person in your head.

  • Naming has the special capacity to bring what is far away closer. It is summoning.
  • By doing this, we recognize that the other exists as well, and as a result, coexistence and relationships are acknowledged.

A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language

Dale Carnegie

Naming implies importance. A person´s worth is highlighted when they are called by their names, and remembering it after a while magnifies that importance.

People´s names have meanings too, and by learning what they mean, we not only offer attention to the other person but also appreciate that he or she has a history.


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