Finding great places…

Whether you agree or disagree with COVID restrictions, it is a fact that they have been implemented on several sites. And, indirectly, as a result of one of those restrictions, I made a discovery:

“Sometimes you find great places because you were kicked out of another.”

I was there, with all the couches and armchairs already taken, seated on the low-level stairs of a building waiting for my dad. Until the officer asked me to leave the room and wait outside due to COVID occupancy capacity limits.

I agreed, not gladly, but also not madly. I didn´t know where to wait; it was only a parking lot. But I spotted a weird red sculpture. I decided to take a look. After all, I had time.

That was a smart move! It was a place created especially to sit down and relax. It was just the place I needed, and I didn´t know about its existence. It had trees, shadows, fresh air, benches, and a lot of space (and no obligation of wearing a face mask). Thanks, officer!

What is the story´s morale?

How often do we insist on staying in places we truly believe to be good, when wonderful alternatives could be waiting for us outside?

Sometimes we need a push to take the first step. When that happens, it will be up to us to stop complaining and take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to us.

Plus Ultra.


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