My Motto… Keep smiling!

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Finding a personal motto that captures the principles directing your behavior and life is not an easy task. It is true that this is a finding exercise rather than a creative one, and most of the time, your motto finds you instead of the other way around.

The story of how my motto came to me is simple. My friend Wayne asked me about it while we were out hiking with a group of friends. I realized it was “Keep smiling!” I was already using it implicitly; it was only that day that I made it explicit. Thanks, Wayne!

The reasons for this becoming my motto are not that straightforward. I´ll try to reduce them to six points.

1- Even though life can be harsh, there are still reasons to be grateful for and happy about.

2- Smiling has a curious effect on both oneself and other people. It provides something scarce and rarely available. It is a simple way of improving daily life. The brain believes you are happy when you smile, so you will actually feel happy. It is giving others something valuable and staying with the benefits.

3- There will always be a loved one who will need strength through a smile.

4- In the past, I didn´t smile; my face was cold and serious. I am now making up for lost time and missed opportunities.

5- A smile lets others know that you like to be with them.

6- I want to be remembered as someone who is joyful.

As Dale Carnegie and Lawrence Lovasik wrote, “Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give.”

Keep Smiling!


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