Short Story Review: Breakfast by John Steinbeck

Leélo en español.

This short story is set in a rural setting, presumably on California farmland, where John Steinbeck was born. The description of the landscape is not rich in detail but concise enough to imagine the scene.

The purpose of the tale is to maintain anonymity while describing the countrymen’s lifestyle, a worldview to which anyone can relate. With characters without names, any reader can be them, so we can experience the complexity of life in the most ordinary events.

The narrative is about the simple things in life, like having breakfast and meeting strangers, while enjoying the journey, the landscape, the food, the company, and even the challenges.

Steinbeck shows us that ordinary experiences can bring the human soul great delight. The satisfaction of a meal and a sense of gratitude due to the landscape’s beauty.

Breakfast is compelling and attractive. The story´s simplicity is the key feature. It is fascinating to read since the author succeeds in transmitting complex ideas in a casual narrative style. However, it is more than just entertainment, there are lessons to be learned.

An enjoyable reading for everyone who needs to be reminded that life is made up of small, seemingly trivial events.


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