A Best Friend

What is it? Who is he/she?

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Everybody has a best friend, or at least, should have one. We simply know who our best friend is. We think about that person by their name, not by their characteristics or personality traits.

It is interesting, though, to ask yourself about it. What makes a friend a best friend? Who is she/he? Why?

From my point of view, there are four kinds of “best friends” that may or may not be found in the same person, but those who have it all packed into one are lucky.

Type 1: The person who has actively demonstrated that they are the “best” of all. The one that will not abandon you, who encourages you, criticizes you, pushes you, but also scolds you when needed. The best option out there. Loyalty is the keyword.

Type 2: The girl or boy you have an intimate relationship with. You can spend hours hanging out together and still feel there wasn´t enough time. The person with whom you not only want to share moments but create them. Favorite is the keyword.

Type 3: Maybe she or he hasn’t proven to be the best of the best, nor are you both the most compatible ones. However, for some reason, you genuinely love her or him, even if you do not know why. Or, perhaps, because you do not know why. Love is the keyword.

Type 4: It´s who you go with when you don´t know who to turn to. You rely on him/her for your most valuable things. Trust is the keyword. 

If you tagged every type of “best friend” with a specific name and face while reading the post, then you will perfectly know what I am talking about. If not… it’s time to go out and make some friends; maybe one of them will become your best friend!


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